1. ourlittlepatchofspacetime:

High fashion


    High fashion

  2. Anonymous said: I'm proud of you sea I'm glad you're happy!!!

    I mean I didn’t do anything but ty

  3. Why did “highlifenation” start following me goodnight

  4. I currently feel very good about my life like I’m actually content and maybe happy I think and I’m gonna really appreciate this cause usually once I start feeling this way it just falls apart so I really shouldn’t take this for granted

  5. So glad I’m back in my “know I’m ugly but truly don’t care about it” phase I haven’t been back here since junior year of high school and man it feels fucking good

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  7. Fuck you Katie I need the world to know about Gainesville cum water.

  8. tonight i was drinking some water and then i didn’t drink it for a while and then i took another sip and it striaght up tasted like cum it was the most disgusting thing in the world i’m so mad i have to deal with gainesville water water should not taste like cum it hurt my throat too water shouldn’t do that either goodnight

  9. kinesthetiac:

    I have a very good fucking nose

    my nose sucks

  10. nuta-zielona:

    Porto 2014

  11. defjamvendetta:

This is the only good thing I’ve posted on ello


    This is the only good thing I’ve posted on ello

  12. Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) // When We Did Not Move or Speak, There Was No Proof That We Were There at All
  13. jared i’m RAELLY tired rn so i can’t do it now i’ll write lyrics tomorrow

  14. nhkofficial:

    this coconut milk is frankly the worst milk ive ever had